The Taming of Niagra Falls

WARNING:  Adult sexual content!  Another sexcapade with Andrew … Don’t read if you are underage or not interested in the sex stories. 

Chemo has not dulled my imagination.  Sex and intimacy can be difficult after cancer diagnosis, so I am living vicariously through my own life and love.

I remember waking up in Andrew’s* arms.  You know that tight snuggle where you are both sleeping on one side of the bed?  His.  His tall frame hanging off the end and side of the hotel bed while I was rolled into his side and under his arm.  My right hand was just at his belly button holding on … We were naked, except for a trail of tape off my wrist … a reminder of last night’s heady experience.

You met Andrew in Lunch date.

Both of us were awake but neither of us wanted to move.  No words needed to be said just yet.  The night before had been pretty wild.  I was aching … but knew he’d want more and I was so, so willing.

My eyes opened and I looked out of the window at the misty waters of Niagara Falls.  We had the perfect hotel suite and a room with a view … 19th floor of the Sheraton facing the Canadian Falls.

Fireplace.  Jacuzzi built for two.  Veuve Clicquot on ice.  Music.  The majestic Niagra Falls directly below us.  Handcuffs.  Blindfold.  Tape. And a huge window that we had sex in front of … but I hadn’t seen the landscape until this morning.  Wonder what the Fallsview thought of the midnight show …

The last look I had of the falls was upside down … I was on my back horizontally with my head hanging off the bed.  Linkin Park’s New Divide played on iTunes and suited the mood.  The skies in Niagara were dark and rolling with thunder and rain.  Andrews slipped a blindfold over my eyes and tape loosely around my wrists before leading me down hours of sensory cat & mouse.

All my other senses were heightened.  I really heard the thunder intermixed with the beat of the music.  I heard his voice.  I could smell the strawberries and body oil.  I could taste Andrew.  And I craved his touch.  My back would arch like a cat when he stroked my front with a feather.

Andrew fed me strawberries while talking to me in his deep, sexy voice.  He told me what he wanted.  And how.  And where.  And when.  And why.

He lifted my arms above my head and held them while He flipped me over and climbed on top of me.  At last. He asked me to move this leg and that one, until we were a knot of legs.  I could barely move but oh … it felt so good.  A new way in.  I was helpless and completely dependent on his movements.  He had control of the tempo – because I got greedy and wanted more – and made me wait excruciating hours for an orgasm.

When we came, not even Niagara Falls could compete.

He introduced me to a world I never knew.  I loved slipping into a submissive role and exploring this new side of myself.  A firecracker by day, I just wanted to come home to a man who would take the reins … at least in the bedroom.  He and I were equals once we stepped outside the bedroom door.  Unless … of course … he has a specific request of me in the lounge of the hotel … But otherwise, I was happy to let him lead.

My good girl was at ease with my bad girl.  For once.

Andrew was all Dominant.  All male.  All mine.  We spoke body language with extreme ease and understanding.  One flick of his eyes and I knew what was coming.  One twitch of my mouth and he knew what I wanted.

The night before we had dressed up and gone out for dinner.  I wore a little black dress with a button up front, stockings, thong, bra, earrings, smile.

We found this exquisite and authentic sushi bar tucked in amongst the dilapidated buildings of Niagara.  The meal was one of the finest.  We fed each other sushi, eyes speaking so the other diners wouldn’t hear … but they could see.  The owner told us we were a stunning couple.

We drove back to the hotel and decided to night cap in the lounge.  It was quite busy this late Friday evening, but Andrew managed to find us a spot to squeeze into at the bar.

I felt his hand tap my backside, as if to protect it from straying eyes.  “Mine.” it said.

Andrew slightly changed position to protect my bottom as he slid his hand under my dress.  His fingers curled around my thong and caressed the crack in my bum.  I almost spilled my 18-year-old Glenfiddich on ice …

We carried on a separate conversation while he caressed and explored my back and front.  I shifted my weight in my 5-inch black sandals to allow him greater access.  I know I closed my eyes and purred at one point.  Andrew carefully protected my dignity while stripping away my fears.  I gave into the moment.

I leaned back against him to feel his hardness.  I wanted him so bad at this point that I would have done anything he asked.  Right there.  The elevator.  The stairs.  The men’s washroom.

My face was flushed and my eyelids heavy with sensuality … Andrew said the black eyeliner made me look positively feline.  I purred again and raked my nails up and down his neck.

“Drink up.” he commanded.  I obeyed.

We made it to the elevator before clinging in an embrace.  My leg raised to be held by his hand at my knee.  Hot and panting, we made it to the hotel room … only to struggle with the key card.  Giggling … I put the card in my teeth and opened the door.

Andrew took my hand and led me to the window.  While holding me, he removed my thong and leaned me against the window.  I felt a fissure of fear but gave in to all the emotions to enjoy.  I felt like Marvel’s Black Cat clinging to the side of the building while her man made love to her … such a heady feeling of primal female power.

Black cat

Andrew and I spent the night all the way to dawn exploring our new found place in the B&D world.  I never felt so content, so cherished, so protected and loved.  It’s hard to explain if you haven’t been there … or it isn’t your thing.  I get that.  We all have pasts, hurts, hangups and fears.  I don’t … and allowed myself to be led down that path.

I found a side I didn’t know existed and will always, always treasure Andrew for introducing me to her.  And I to him …

Seductively yours,


*Name(s) changed to protect the guilty!

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© Lisa Jobson 2017





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