Ace of Spades

Warning!  Adult sexual content.  You must be of legal age in your country to read this blog.

Part Two

“What is this?” I asked.

Andrew* rolled towards me to hand me the cardboard black box.

“Open it.”

I sat up – naked – and crossed my legs.  I took the box with both hands and pulled the cover off.  There was a black velvet pouch inside.  I put the box down so I could open the pouch’s drawstrings and pulled out what looked like a black Ace of Spades toy.

“What is it?” I asked.

Andrew reached around to circle his finger around my bum.  My eyes widened in understanding …

“That’s going in …” my voice trailed off.

“And staying.” he said.

I squirmed uncomfortably …

“But …”


We got up to shower and have coffee and breakfast.  Andrew turned on the taps, adjusted the temperature and pulled me in.  He was so tall … his shoulders so wide that he completely blocked the spray from my body.  He turned sideways and squeezed my body in front of his.  The warm water felt good on my aching parts.  I stood – chin raised to the spray – and just let the water run in and around my cracks.  Andrew lathered up his big hands with shampoo and massaged it into my head.  I moaned at the relaxing sensation.  His long, strong fingers dove into my curls to rub every inch of my head.  He turned me to face him, then started at the front of my forehead and rubbed, moved to my temples and sides, then worked his way to the tension at the back of my neck.  I closed my eyes and sighed.  He tipped my head under the spray and rinsed … soapy water cascading down over my lashes, face and creating a river between my breasts.

A little lower down, I still ached.  He grabbed some bodywash, spread my legs with his hand to stroke and massage the hurt away.  The soap, his touch, the ache felt good.  His fingers reached through my legs to move to the crack of my bum.  Gently, one long finger stroked.  I leaned into him for support … stepping closer to give him more access.  He probed and rubbed. Spread and cleaned.

I moaned again and my lips reached up to kiss him.  His hand came up over my waist to pull me closer.  My belly pressed against his extra large hardon.  My God, I loved that man.  The body a Greek god should have.  Why do they not worship the well-endowed male like I did?

He bent his knees ever so slightly to lower himself and enter me.  Tender.  Full.  Aches gave way to pleasure.  With is one hand pulling me in from behind, his other braced himself against my shoulder.  I pushed back to create the tension we needed.  I really didn’t think I could come again, but he made me.  He knew just what to do.  Just as I approached my orgasm, he slipped the tip of his finger into my bum.  That’s all I needed to explode.  The new sensation startling me into heady, deep climax.

So intense was my orgasm that my body pulled him along for the ride.  He grunted and tensed as he came, filling me up yet again.

My head rested on his chest.  His hand slid around to cradle my neck and head against him.  We just stood there in the shower for minutes.  Finally, we parted and lathered each other to clean up again.

Shower off.  I was fully enveloped in a big, huge fluffy man-sized towel.  Still tender, I gingerly dried between my legs.  I might need some cooling cream.

Tshirts on, we made our way downstairs to let the dog out and make breakfast.  Like any great team, we moved without speaking, each knowing what to do.  I made the coffee with a French press.  He made pancakes.  I cut up strawberries and placed the maple syrup on the table.

We sat down in the sunroom to enjoy our food.

The rest of the day was spent at the driving range.  Andrew loved my legs in a golf skirt.  My competitive spirit wanted to be able to hit the ball almost as well as my handsome 6’4” golfer.

“Cross my fingers for you,” he said with a grin.  He inched up behind me to wrap his long, muscular arms around me and guide my drive.  I unzipped my golf tshirt to expose my cleavage.  Ping!  The club connected perfectly with the ball and made that perfect sound.  We both looked up and watched as it sailed straight to the last flag.

“Promise you will always do that!” I laughed. Smiling at the best shot of the day.

Both men and women stared at us.  We finished up, had a beer and sat down to decide what to do next.  I needed to do a little shopping to fill in a few necessities for our lobster dinner this evening.

Stay in or go out after?

Stay in.

The evening was made for love.

Hours later we cleaned up and put away the leftovers from a delicious meal.  Lobster.  Rice pilaf.  A tender medley of green vegetables.  Leeks, asparagus, broccoli florets and peas coated with creamy butter sauce.  Dessert was chocolate mocha parfait and whipped cream with Amaretto.

Champagne and strawberries to follow.

I looked outside at the beautiful blue and pink sky.  Masculine and feminine.  Such a lovely sunset on a perfect day.

The night fun was about to begin.

“Game of cards?” Andrew asked?  He picked up the deck.

“I will have to put a few more pieces of clothing on to make it a fair game!” I cheeked.

Laughing, I raced upstairs to put on a sexy bustier and three separate strings of panties.  Stay up stockings, black patent pumps.  My collar, earrings and my toe ring.

I went downstairs to find him shirtless.

“Giving me a running start?” I quipped.

“All the faster to get you into bed, my dear” he smiled.

We played strip poker until the stars came out.  All I had left were my stockings and heels.

“You look like the Ace of Spades.” he said, holding up the card.  Hmmm.  I liked her gloves.

Time to fold.

Andrew leaned over to put my collar back on and attached a leash he’d bought today.  When I stood up he said “It makes you look like a she-devil with a tail.  So sexy.”

I swung the leash around to tease.  My sultry eyes meeting his.  He picked up the leash and pulled me closer.

“Not so fast.  I have a job for you.  Kneel.”

I obeyed in front of him.

I knew what he wanted.  My hands and mouth to pleasure him.  He held on to my leash as I dutifully did what I was asked.  My tongue, throat and fingers working my magic.  He pulled me in tighter with the leash as he came, forcing me to swallow it all.

I obeyed.

He leaned back, eyes closed and stroked my hair while I leaned my forehead on his knee.

We stayed like that for fifteen minutes, then he opened his eyes.

Andrew grabbed the champagne and two flutes in one hand, my leash in the other.

“Let’s head to bed.”

I got up and obeyed.

I love his king sized four poster bed.  Luscious red sheets in soft Egyptian cotton.  He had cleaned everything up while I was out shopping and placed extra large candles around the room.

He asked me to kneel while he lit them.

I obeyed.

“On all fours on the bed.”

I obeyed.

Lubrication and the Ace of Spades.  Even though he took his time to open me up, I saw stars as it went in.  Andrew rolled me over onto my side, held me and played with my body to help it relax.  He would make sure this was a good experience for me.  My body became accustomed to the invasion.  I squirmed a little and whispered that it was not so bad.  The sensation was unique and intoxicating.  I wanted more.

“You are not calling the shots tonight” Andrew warned.  He rolled me onto my back and lifted my hands above my head.  He held me captive with one hand while his other explored my body.  I loved this.  Something so primal about being held.  His other hand circled lower below my bellybutton.  I resisted the urge to part my still stocking’d legs.  I wanted him so badly, but I was his toy tonight.

“Cross your legs” he commanded.

I obeyed.  My legs rubbed together, giving me a jolt of pleasure.  He caressed, invaded, rubbed and stroked.  I wasn’t allowed to move.  I wanted to clench and make myself come, but I knew I’d be punished for that.

“Spread your legs” he demanded.

At last.

I obeyed, and he climbed on top of me, still holding me his willing captive.  His cock – long and hard – pierced my heart and soul.  My back arched … my whole body bucked at the new sensation of double penetration.  He could feel the Ace of Spades while inside me.

He rode me hard.  There was no time for long, slow strokes.  Frenzy.  Hot.  Demand.  Fucked.

I had honestly never felt anything like it.  My orgasm started from behind and spread like a wishbone-shaped sparkler of shocks sizzling to my front.  It was like lighting the fuse and detonating dynamite.  We both came wildly.  I didn’t stop.  I came twice.

We caught our breath.  He got up to go to the bathroom.  I rolled back on to the wet spot.

Sweat.  Cum.  Lube.  Perhaps a touch of blood.

I got up. Stripped the bed and went downstairs to do the laundry in his temperamental old washing machine and dryer.

I grabbed clean linens and freshened up the bed.  Andrew came out of the bathroom and – my collar off – I said “Sweetheart, you really have to get a new washer and dryer.  Yours suck.”

The real Andrew will laugh out loud when he reads that. 😀

Good night from the Queen of Hearts,


P.S.  While recently hospitalized, the nurse had to swab the back of my throat.  I opened wide and she got her swab … and commented on how easy it was for me.  I told her the story of twenty-four-year-old Lisa.  I had been working months of long hours and got pneumonia.  While being examined by an ENT (Ears Nose Throat) specialist, he commented that I had no gag reflex.  He then asked if I could come in and open wide for 24 of his med students …

*Name(s) changed to protect the guilty!

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© Lisa Jobson 2017


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