The Andrew Diaries

Like any good writer, I edit and re-edit, tweek, fuss and swap one word in for another.  I want my writing to be sleek and smooth, to purr like silk between your lips, as I bring you into my private diaries with Andrew*.  Inspiration can hit weeks after a blog is published, as I recall a juicy tidbit.  I’ve been itching for years to chronicle his and my sexcapades in and out of the bedroom.  They were that memorable.

Tonight … he is on a plane to Amsterdam.

People ask … Is he real?

But, of course he is real.  Who could make up anything that good?!

The good news is that I have enough fond memories to write a whole series of Erotica.

If you have nothing to do during a rainy Sunday afternoon, curl up and go back to reread a favourite entry or two.  I may have added steamy details!  He’s clearly my favourite topic.  There’s also a Dr. X story for a different flavor.

If you don’t want steamy but enjoy the rest of the blog, browse through the blog link to find a new favourite.  I tweak all my posts!

The Chronicles of Cancer – Pink Dot Detour

I expect I will be offline Monday and Tuesday for chemo and doggie rescue.  I’d much rather spend my time submerged in my fantasies.  Hope you enjoy the ride.

Lunch date

The Taming of Niagra Falls

Love Bites

Van Go


Ace of Spades

Wine Tasting

A Bridge Too Far

Sticks & Stones

Muskoka Love

Tongue Tied

The Lady in Red

The Kitchen Scene

Weekend Epilogue


Red Light

Purple Rave

Black Laptop



*Name(s) changed to protect the guilty!

Read the Fox Blog:  hear what the Fox really has to say

© Lisa Jobson 2017

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