Muskoka Love

Warning!  Adult sexual content.  You must be of legal age in your country to read this blog.

Part Two of Van Go!

Part Three:  The Lady in Red

Part Four:  Tongue Tied

Part Five:  Weekend Epilogue

Back in the truck and on Highway 400 … we restarted our impromptu weekend getaway.  Cottage traffic theading north to the beautiful Muskoka region was still heavy at 9pm, but moving.  I settled into the passenger seat beside Andrew* and listened to music, my head back and eyes closed.

Every so often my hand would reach over to caress him.  His arm.  His thigh.  His inner thigh.  His bulge.  He would return the favor with a rub of my leg.  Or he would slide his hand over my breast and pinch – ever so slightly – my nipple.

The road swerved northeast on Highway 11 and somewhere around Gravenhurst we zigged and zagged on rural roads to take us past Bala.  We found a secluded lakeside campsite in a beautiful park to spend the night.

I changed into jeans.  We walked – hand in hand – with a bottle of wine and a blanket to sit on a granite boulder overlooking the lake.  The scenery was a canvas right out of a Group of Seven landscape painting.  The air was hot and humid.  The moon was full and its beams glittered like scattered gems over the lake.  The night was magic.  We overlooked the entire lake from our rocky alcove.  Big pine trees rose above and beside us to offer a natual rooftop of privacy.  Large trees that didn’t have enough earth to sink roots jutted out at precarious angles.  If I was still a kid, I might have swung off their limbs into the lake below.

Andrew poured chilled Sauvignon Blanc into clear plastic cups and we toasted our first evening in Muskoka.

“Would you like to be tied up to a tree or fucked over a bench?” Andrew asked.  He had sat down behind me, his legs along mine so he could spoon my back and undress me in front.  My white tank top came off.  So did my bra.  He undid my jeans and slipped his large hand inside.

My jeans came off.  His jeans came off.  Soon we were completely naked under the stars.  I heard the faint buzz of an outboard motor and wondered if the boaters had night vision.  Andrew ran his hands up and down my body, his lips trailing kisses and bites along my collar bone to my chest.  I shivered in the hot evening air.  He rolled my nipple in between his thumb and finger.  The tiniest bit of pain gave pleasure.

Andrew stood up and gave me his hand.  He pulled me up and pointed to a cast iron and wood bench bolted onto the granite cliff to the left.  It was bolted because it was only a few feet from the edge.  We walked over, stepping through pine needles, lichen and moss.  He bent me over the bench, spread my legs and ran his thumb along the crack in my ass, as if trying to decide where to enter.  I was almost in the downward dog yoga position with my body folded in half over the back of the bench.  I gripped the wooden bench slats with my hands.  I looked up and out over the lake once … the sensual view forever imprinted on my mind.  Standing tall, Andrew pumped his way in and out, slapping my ass when he felt like it. The sting of the slap tingled and clapped over the lake, breaking the silence over the water.

Wild animals own the night.

His left hand and long arm slide down my back and held me in place while he had me the way he wanted.  Andrew was so turned on with fucking me upside down on a public bench outside that he came in minutes.  He grunted and swore from the sheer force of it.  I stood there – still bent over – with his large deposits of semen running down my leg.  He pulled out and pulled me up.  For the second time that evening, he gave me his tshirt to wipe up the cum.

Rather than dress, I wrapped myself in our blanket to head back to the truck.  Andrew carried our clothes and wine.  I jumped when he turned on the truck lights … wondering if neighbouring campers would see my naked and slightly reddened ass.  Andrew turned me around to get a better look at the red marks he had left there.  I stood obediently in the beams of the headlights, like a deer.  His fingers traced the outline left by his large hand.  It didn’t really hurt and wasn’t done in anger but it was kind of hot to the touch.

He promised me that it would be too sore to sit by the end of the weekend.

We made our bed of memory foam and sleeping bags and crawled into the back of the truck for the night.  I was curled into Andrew and he kept one hand on my tender, red cheek.  I turned my other cheeks up top to look out at the stars.  I drifted to sleep with a smile.

We awoke early the next morning and packed up to head into town for breakfast.  Andrew wanted to see about renting a secluded cottage for a night so he could have his way with me with some privacy.

We sipped steaming coffee in the rustic restaurant and poured over cottage listings to call.  Not sure there was a chance to snag a reservation for tonight, but we would try.  We selected several top choices.  Around 10am we connected with the property manager of my first choice in cottages.

It was a tiny but beautiful red A-frame with a front wall of pure glass.  It was nestled among tall trees surrounding the property.  Shrubs of big, white Hydrangeas were planted below the balcony.  A man size stone inukshuk was built in front, overlooking the lake. The landscaped front yard sloped from the balcony to a large two-tier party deck and dock. From the rental photos, it looked like steel cable railings allowed a mostly uninterrupted view of the lake.  Cozy outdoor furniture with fluffy cushions and flames flickering in lanterns.  Landscaping plants hid the west side.

Patio laterns were strung aound give it a “let’s get together” feeling.

With luck there was a last minute cancellation. Andrew asked if it was private?  The manager said that there were neighbours farther down the beach, but no one stacked right up beside us.  Perfect.

We booked the cottage for two nights.

We paid and picked up the keys, then shopped in town for supplies.  Pete* the property manager assured us that everything we would need would be at the well equipped cottage.  He – like everyone else – took a liking to Andrew and offered the keys to the speed boat.  An enticing extra.  Andrew is so charming and handsome that it isn’t the first time we’ve been offered more than we paid for.  Men and women are drawn to him.

Steaks and a marinated spatchcocked chicken.  Potatoes.  Vegetables.  Eggs.  Milk.  Cheese.  Bread.  Salads.  Fresh Banana muffins and Local strawberry pie.  Maple ice cream and chocolate sauce.  Fruit.  Beer.  Wine.  Water.  Coffee.  Charcoal and lighter fluid.  Gas in the standard red container for the speedboat.  A longer leash for my Collar.

We found the red cottage tucked in behind the mountain.  It was majestic and hauntingly lonely … like a Scarlett Letter in the wilderness.  She was our adulteress for two nights.

Large, sweeping double doors opened into a great room planked with wood.  A chunky, solid wood table and chairs set sat off to the left.  Red stained Muskoka chairs sat in front of the windows, made more comfortable with red cotton cushions. A chocolate brown sofa with a pull out bed sat in the middle of the room.  Bearskin rug.  Rustic side table stacked high with leather bound classic novels.

The kitchen was small but neatly laid out with stainless gas appliances.  An old, painted drawer held wooden and white cutting boards of various shapes and sizes, ceramic salt and pepper shakers, jars and utensils.  Everything was perfectly clean.   We dropped our grocery bags on the granite counters and looked around.

A dramatically large abstract landscape painting of autumn hills on the lake dominated the left wall.

To the right, was the bathroom, completely pristine in white ceramic tile.  The shower was ample for two with his and her jet sprays.  An overly large steel bucket would serve as a tub for kids and dogs.  Fluffy white towels were rolled up and placed in criss cross shelving.  Also in the shelving were a dozen red beach towels.

A wooden ladder staircase was the only way to reach the bedroom nook above.  I climbed up halfway to take a peek.

The bedroom was behind sliding barn doors and dominated one side of the A-frame with dark beams of wood and one splash of a red painted wall.  An intricately crafted wrought iron king bed was pushed against the red wall.  It was covered with a red plaid duvet and plumped pillows.  A beautiful painted portrait of a lady draped in red material graced the wall.  I wondered if she was the inspiration for the cottage.  We dropped our bags on the cedar chest.  It was only noon but I was ready to go to bed.

Electric Love by Serena Ryder

Don’t want you in my dreams, don’t want to fall asleep
Don’t want to miss anything that you’re gonna do to me
It’s like a laser beam when it’s just you and me
And all our thoughts they turn into e-e-e-energy
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh)

We walked back out into the great room and stared at the dock and the lake.  First lunch, then a turn on the lake to explore.  Andrew stocked wood while I put together sandwiches of roasted vegetables and goat cheese.  With trays of food and sparkling mineral water, we headed down to the deck to relax over lunch.

Andew was itching to try the power boat so we cleaned up, changed into swimsuits and grabbed our sunglasses and towels.  The boat had all the latest electronic fail safe equipment and GPS.  We headed out for our own three hour tour.

The ride – bouncing above the waves – was a thrill.  We spent the afternoon touring the large lake and docking at the general store for homemade raspberry and chocolate ice cream.  We puttered around at the far end of the lake and chugged slowly along the shores.  We found a secluded island rock that was sheltered by trees.  We decided to stop there for a swim.  I dove off the back of the boat and stripped off my black bathing suit.  I whipped it in the air and let it sail onboard with a wet smack at Andrew’s feet.  He smiled that devilishly handsome grin and stripped out of his bathing suit right there.  Have I told you how much I love his Adonis body?  Sleek muscle.  Gray hair and eyes.  Brilliant smile.  Long … legs.

He dove in and swam easily to me in a few strokes.  We splashed and played marco polo like a siren and her lost sailor.  Finally I swam over to the back of the boat.  I pulled myself up on the diving platform.  Andrew pulled me forward … put my legs over his shoulders and tasted an afternoon delight while he floated in the water.  I leaned back … enjoying his mouth and tongue.

I know your shock is true
It’s such a tr-tr-tr-tr-trip (ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh)
You’re plugging into me
High-voltage chemistry

Our love’s electric and now, babe
So close to water that we’ll never know
If there’s a chance of surviving
If there’s a chance, baby, we’re gonna blow (woah, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Our love’s electric, electric (woah, oh, oh, oh, oh)

We climbed back on board to make love on top of the boat.  Anyone above lake level would be able to see us, but Andrew didn’t care.  He took his time to tie my wrists to the big steering wheel in a bowline knot.  I laid down at an angle by the captain’s chair, arms strung above my head.  He kissed my breasts then moved down to my navel.  His hand flat on my belly while his tongue teased and tasted me.  I stretched and groaned.  Andrew moved over and inside me.  I braced one foot up on the seat.  I wanted him hot and heavy.  The sun played over his shoulders and the boat rocked as we rocked.   I closed my eyes and lost track of space and time.  Like an expert lover, he took me to the edge of the waterfalls and let me go.  Huge crashing spasms as we came.  Spent … both exhausted from playing in the sun … we lay there feeling the rocking of the boat.  The waves picked up meaning another boat had gone by.  It was time to cast off and leave.

A little pink and a little tender, I got up and slipped my tshirt dress over my body.  Andrew held me in one arm as he drove and we sped back to our cottage with a homing device.  I loved the wind and spray in my face.  I closed my eyes and tilted my nose up to take it all in.  Andrew pushed me in front of him and put my hands on the steering wheel.   I steered while he sucked and bit my neck.  I leaned back into him, and wouldn’t have traded places with anyone anywhere in that moment.

We needed a nap and crawled into the bed for an hour.  I don’t think we fucked in the bed once that whole weekend … just slept in there. We did it on the dock and the deck, the table and the chairs.  Up against the windows and outside.  In a boat. And on a float.

A beautiful evening set on the lake.  We lit one lantern but kept the rest off.  Andrew took out my collar and long leash and took me down to the dock.  Collar on, he crooked his finger at me to come.  Undress.  Obey.  His back to the lake and rock hard bum against the steel cables, he had me kneel in front of him on the dock as he held my leash.  My knees bent, my bum on my heels, my hands gracefully folded on my lap.  I waited.  I knew it was my turn to repay him for the afternoon delight.   I waited for him to tell me what he wanted.  When he asked, I obeyed.  I took him into my mouth and held onto him with both hands.  One hand pushed up on his belly, the other pulled.  My tongue swirled around him and teased.  Long licks up his shaft.  I took in all that I could and started to hum, laughing at my cheekiness.  He leaned over and spanked my bottom.

He pulled me up and over his knee on the chair.  I squirmed and begged him to let me go.  I’d be a good girl.

He tightened my leash so I had no where to move and asked me how many lashes I wanted.

“Five” I pleaded.

“Ten it is.” Andrew replied.  Ten lashes against my bare bottom with his hand.  I knew it excited him … I could feel it.  He dragged out each lash … counting.  Once done, he picked me up and carried me to the yard but the old oak tree.  My leash was tossed up and over a branch.  He tightened it’s other end so my hands were suspended above my head.   I was naked and I had to balance.

Red welts blistered on my bum, but the more I clenched, the better it felt.  He would never allow real harm to come to me.  I was more precious than molten gold to Andrew.

With one hand holding the leash, Andrew entered me and fucked me while I was tied to the tree.  He wanted quick and viceral.  My back and sore bum scratched up against the bark of the tree.  I winced and bit my lip.  I closed my eyes and prayed that no other cottagers saw.  How would we explain that to the OPP?

You’re in the heart of me, every part of me
You’ve got the everything I ever wanted it to be
It’s perfect synergy when it’s just you and me
And when we touch it turns into e-e-e-electricity
(Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh)
I know your shock is true
It’s such a tr-tr-tr-tr-trip (ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh)
You’re plugging into me
High-voltage chemistry

He loved the dangerous synergy.  It turns him on.  I love being able to provide him with the one thing he craves.  Who is really who’s slave?  He was rough and edgy.  He talked dirty and told me what I was getting and why.  I willingly played the part of his slave, subservient to his demands.

Our safe word was mango sherbet.  First … I hate mangos because I am allergic to them.  And we would never see an orange sherbet in the bedroom.  Ice cream?  Yes.  Whipped cream?  Yes.  Long lists of caramel sauces, honeys and liqueurs.  Fruit.  He even fed me soup blindfolded on the kitchen floor once.  Marachino cherries.  Oysters on the half shell.  Decadently rich chocolate cake … smeared up in dark places.  Cheese fondue … just don’t eat too much as it lumps in your stomach like a brick.  Hot oil dripped on my belly and licked.

But never mango sherbet.  It was never uttered.

He cried out as he came, saying my name over and over again.  His deep voice carried across the calm of the evening lake.  My man leaned in and held me while we caught our breath.  His teeth nipped at my ear.  Both hands held my head close to him.  Forehead to forehead.  Cherished and thanked for allowing him to own me.

Our love’s electric and now, babe
So close to water that we’ll never know
If there’s a chance of surviving
If there’s a chance, baby, we’re gonna blow (woah, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Our love’s electric, electric (woah, oh, oh, oh, oh)

Andrew let go of the leash and walked me to the dock.  We skinny dipped in the lake under indigo of the early evening sky and first stars.  We dove under water and splashed, cleaning our heated bodies off.  Andrew ran his hand in between my legs and down my back side.  By this time I was chilled so he ran up to the deck to grab two towels.  He folded one around me and carried me inside.

A late dinner of grilled t-bones, foil packets potatoes and asparagus.  A Chianti.  A bonfire to sit in front of to mesmerize us with the flames.  We listened to the quiet of the night and the crackle of the fire.  It sizzled and sparked.  No room for dessert but I did need an ice pack for my little red ass.

You and me, we are electric soldiers
With the power of lightning in our eyes
Don’t believe a single word they told ya
When they said that we would never last, we’ll always survive

Our love’s electric and now, babe
So close to water that we’ll never know
If there’s a chance of surviving
If there’s a chance, baby, we’re gonna blow (woah, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Our love’s electric, electric (woah, oh, oh, oh, oh)

Our love’s electric and now, babe
So close to water that we’ll never know
If there’s a chance of surviving
If there’s a chance, baby, we’re gonna blow (woah, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Our love’s electric, electric (woah, oh, oh, oh, oh)

With electric chemistry,


*Name(s) changed to protect the guilty!

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© Lisa Jobson 2017







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  1. Your descriptions of the setting are so vivid. I could picture the cabins, furnishings and little details. I can almost imagine visiting those places myself!

    I also loved the way you described your interaction and relationship with Andrew. You made it sexy yet meaningful and thoughtful! Thanks for sharing this!!!


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