Weekend Epilogue

Warning!  Adult sexual content.  You must be of legal age in your country to read this blog.

Part One:  Van Go

Part Two:  Muskoka Love

Part Three:  The Lady in Red

Part Four:  Tongue Tied

Part Five


I can’t believe I forgot this delicious part of the Lady in Red!  Chemobrain is real.  Rather than squeeze it in, I decided to write an Epilogue and include some bonus sexcapades!

If the harder core stuff bothered you, then don’t read this first short story …

Andrew took the flashlight and went to our bedroom.  He came back with Tristan, the Ace of Spades and lubrication.

I’m never ready for this toy to penetrate my asshole.  Andrew asked me to assume the position on the floor.  On my knees.  Legs spread.  Ass up.  Face down on the floor.  He lubed and inserted Tristan.  I winced and saw stars for a second as it went in.  It forced my body to yield when it doesn’t know how.

He held his hand out and pulled me off the floor.

Andrew* got the roll of red duct tape and took me over to the ladder which was the only entrance to the cozy cove above.

“Stand up on the first step and spread your legs, he demanded.  I did what he asked and could feel him bump his cock against my backside.  Sizing up the height.  His being 12 full inches taller gave us some interesting vertical choices.

“Raise your arms.”

I raised them over my head and grabbed the highest step, crossing wrists, one over the other.  Andrew taped my hands and wrists to that rung.

He stepped back to admire his artful slave.  I swivelled my head to look at him out of the corner of my eye. I stuck my butt out to entice him back.  Bad idea.

He picked up a piece of rope from our toy bag and whipped my ass with it!  The sting of the rope shocked me and I jumped.


The rope whistled through the air and hit my butt again.  I bit my lip to keep from crying out and screaming my safe word.  A tear formed in the corner of my eye.  This was over my threshold and I wasn’t quite sure I liked it.  But I wanted to try.  For him.

Thwack!  The rope hit me one more time and I could feel the fire streak across my ass.  He dropped the rope and came over to the ladder.  His rock hard cock pushed its way in past Tristan to my front.  Andrew grabbed himself and guided his cock in.  He reached around to the front to play with my clit while he slid in and out.

Ohhhhhhh.  The pleasure.  My legs could only spread so much so I felt him everywhere.  He rubbed and touched every nerve ending.  Well controlled friction.  My head rolled forward as I begged him, my forehead leaning on a step.

“What do you want?” He asked, giving me permission to speak.

“Please.  Fuck me hard.”  I whispered.

He did.  He held on to the ladder with one hand and stroked me with the other.  I tried not to come so quickly but I helpless against his force.

“No!” I said, “I don’t want to come yet.”  He loved to hear me say no.  He slowed down … long, slow, smooth, deliberate strokes.  Then sped up again.  I cried out again.  The vortex of sexual pleasure spinning around my core.  I knew it would be a big one.  I was on fire from my ass to my belly button.  Everything was centred on my pleasure.  Andrew and Tristan working together to make my entire world shake.

I shuddered and shook as the orgasm coursed through my body.  La petite mort as the french call it.  My bodyquakes were so strong they pulled him along for the ride, and I milked an orgasm out of him.  Andrew thrust into me one last time and came. His hand clenched over my tied-up fists as he had to hold on for the ride.

We were breathless.  Both of us heaving in sweat and effort.

He backed away and just stood.  Unable to see, I asked, “What are you doing?”

“Just standing here and looking at you.  I don’t ever want to forget this moment.  My God … I didn’t think I could come so hard.”

Andrew went into the bedroom and came back out with the camera.  He grabbed my hair and flashed it around my face to ask “May I?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied.

I heard him snap three photos.  I picked the last one as the best.  My head was slightly turned so you could see the tip of one eye and my ruby red lips.  My hands were clasped together and bound.  The leather body suit of straps was quite the turn on for both of us.  Long legs were strong and posed apart on the ladder.  My feet looked sexy as I precariously balanced on the ladder step in my heels.  My ass was streaked with red slashes.  A perfect A-frame within an A-frame.

He cut my tape and helped me down.

“Good girl.” he whispered and I purred.  Andrew wanted to refresh my wine, but I asked,

“Please, sir.  May I have some water?”


Andrew said I wouldn’t be able to sit down after the weekend … and I was having trouble remaining seated for the trip home.  I rolled from cheek to cheek, trying to find a comfortable spot.  We pulled off the highway somewhere and found a drugstore.  Andrew hopped back in the truck and pulled a can of Solarcaine out of the bag.  He stuffed the Shoppers bag between my legs.  Instant relief as a cold bottle of Coke cooled the heated regions below.  He pulled out of the parking lot and got back on the highway … only to exit a few kilometeres later.  I looked quizzically at him.

“Looking for a secluded spot to spray your hot little ass.” He said.

He pulled over and we hopped out of the truck.  I pulled up my sundress and took off my panties.  He sprayed the numbing surnburn spray all over.  I yelped as it stung my open lashes … it’s not meant to be applied to open wounds.  But the cool numbing overrod the warning.

As I turned around, Andrew was undoing his shorts.

“Kneel” he asked me one last time …


We got home, unpacked, showered and crawled into his big bed.

Andrew was on his back, flipping through all the photos on his camera that we had taken this weekend.  I stuck my head against his shoulder and looked at them as well.  Some very erotic art work there!  Closeups of his cock.  Closeups of us joined together.  The spray of the racing boat as we copulated in the captain’s chair.  Beautiful scenery.  Wildlife.  Me in my beautiful red dress looking wild & wanton on the rocks.  The slave tied to the Andrew’s Ladder.  A closeup of my firey red ass.  His view from behind as he fucked me in the behind.

I think he still has them.

I have the videos.

With hot love,


*Name(s) changed to protect the guilty!

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© Lisa Jobson 2017



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