The Chronicles of Cancer – Pink Dot Detour

This is the entire list of clean blog entries written since I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. These are heart and brain dumps as I go through diagnosis and treament.  When I began to blog my journey, I decided I would write authentically and not hold back anything.  I’ve written about the good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s been cathartic.  To say the least.  I write “live” so I may tweak an entry after it’s published to tighten the thoughts and polish the writing.

There are plans in the works to turn this into a book!   More writing to come.

Thanks for joining me on my journey with the 3.5cm Pink Dot.

The Pink Dot Detour has moved to it’s own website!  Pink Dot Detour

Pink Dot Detour

The Road to Discovery

The Butterfly Effect


Hello 911? I’m on fire!

Telling my story

A Teary Kiss Goodbye

Cancer is a full-time job


My Cocktale of Chemotherapy

But I have cancer …

Visiting Hours

Hair today … Gone tomorrow

Ciao Bella

The Fox

Oh, Heather … You didn’t!

Cranky as Fvck

Meet Sophie!

My Estate of Mind

The cellular warfare of Chemotherapy

The High Co$t of Cancer

“You almost make me want cancer!”

Do I shampoo or wash my head?

Cancer doesn’t see racism … or does it?

Foxy Roxy!

Annie … My heartdog

Girl Code

Daffodils for Mother’s Day

S’not funny!

And though she be but little, she is fierce

… So this is Coco …

Chemo 3 done … 13 to go!

(Ir)+rational fears

Carly … My souldog

Breast Story

Forgive me, Father, it’s been 3 months since my last Breast Cancer diagnosis

Stage IV

Dust to Dust

I AM the Storm

Split Second


Don’t Tell Me How to Feel

Heart & Stroke

Taxol on my Nerves

My Spirituality is Whole

Sense of Smell

Savor the Flavor

My Advice to Graduates

Batman was a Six-Year-Old Girl


Seven Year Cycle Out of Abuse

Friends With Cancer

Authentic Voice

It’s All About Me

My Glass is Half Full!

I’m Positive I’m Negative

Cancer is a Piece of Cake

Thanks Chester … I owe you more than one life …

Stubborn or Tenacious?

My Bite is Worse Than My Bark

Brand Spankin’ New Breasts!

The Countdown is ON!

Written from my heart,


Read the Fox Blog:  hear what the Fox really has to say

© Lisa Jobson 2017


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