Red Light

Warning!  Adult sexual content.  You must be of legal age in your country to read this blog.

Part Two:  Purple Rave

Part Three:  Black Laptop

“Would you attend a work event with me next month?” Andrew* asked.  “It’s black tie.”

“I would love to!  Thank you!”

My mind immediately clicked through my closet, wondering if I had the right dress.  No.  I wanted something shiny and new.  In his industry, I would need something svelte, sexy and professional.  I found the perfect dress with matching shoes and evening purse.

Late Saturday afternoon I visited Megan* my hair dresser to have extensions piled onto my head for a sophisticated yet sassy do.  Tiny strings with crystals are woven into my tresses.

I was rushed for time due to my own commitments at work and home and left a little too late to get ahead of the Saturday evening traffic heading downtown to see the baseball game and a concert.  I called Andrew on my phone to let him know I would be a touch late.

Breathe, Lisa.  I selected a jazz station on the car radio and forced myself to relax and enjoy.  There was no need to rush.  The night all the way through to tomorrow was ours.  I was looking forward to the red carpet soirée and awards ceremony.

I arrived at the Four Seasons Toronto which is nestled on the corner of Bloor St. flanking the exclusive Yorkville district.  The street entrance was made tighter by all the parked super sportscars being babysat by the ConciergeThe front entrance was packed with Porches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and a gorgeous red Lotus.  I squeezed my little black BMW into the entrance and handed the keys to the valet to park my car, then rushed upstairs with a porter in tow with my bags.  Andrew opened the door as we arrived, tipped the man and placed my clothing in the closet.

Andrew noticed my stressed state, and gathered me into his arms for a kiss.  He leaned me back against the door, held me and thoroughly kissed me.  His lips sought out my lips, his tongue danced with mine.  His hand curled around my neck to hold me and stroke me with his fingers and thumb, as if he was petting an angry kitten.  I leaned my cheek to one side to place it in his palm, closed my eyes and purred.  Tension and time worry evaporated like the champagne bubbles in the flute he handed me.

“Cheers to a wonderful evening.  Relax, Sexy.  We are going to have a night to remember.”

I forced my alpha female to slow down, relax … and enjoy.  Andrew was partially dressed in tuxedo pants, but still had a tshirt on.  His sexy big feet were bare.  He moved to relax on the big bed while I disappeared to dress and get ready.  I could hear Andrew flicking through the TV channels, making commentary on the baseball teams standings and local news.

I came out of the washroom in my bra and undies to find him naked on the bed.  “Oooooohhhh Baby!  Do we have time?” I ask.

“No” Andrew says … “But you can watch.” 

I lean over to give him a quick lick then leave him alone to pleasure himself.  I’m pouting because he isn’t waiting for me.  But I love to watch him.  I like to learn what makes him go.  Where he holds himself.  The pressure.  The speed.  Where he touches.  God, I want him.  Even his large hands don’t cover his cock.  I want all of that.  But I lean against the wall and remain passively disconnected.  I just want to see the moment.

Before long, Andrew’s long legs are spread, his eyes closed, pumping his own cock.  I watch as his forehead crunched up, his muscular thighs tensed and cum spurts from his cock.  He didn’t cover and catch it.  I’m satisfied for now that I saw him come.

Maybe I should have caught it in my mouth or perhaps worn a pearl necklace.

I returned to the washroom to get him a cloth, then complete my ensemble for the soirée. 

My dark hair and extensions are piled high on my head, with tendrils and curls sticking out to give it a more sassy “I’ve been in bed” look.  I’ve chosen diamond chandelier earrings to compliment the weight of my dress.  My neck is bare.  Andrew loved to lean in and kiss my collarbone.

My evening dress is a stunning red sequined floor length gown which has one strap on my left shoulder.  The right shoulder is bare and the dress hugs my curves in an hourglass waterfall all the way down to my toes.  Sparkling red stiletto sandals and a matching red pedicure adorn my feet.

I complete my makeup with eyeliner, mascara and a touch of shadow.  Blush on my cheeks and a perfect red lipstick on my lips.

I walked out from behind the washroom partition and Andrew whistled.  He was naked … and self satisfied.  I was still miffed.

“Jesus!” he exclaimed.  “Just look at you!”

He got up off the bed and twirled me on the spot to see all of my curves.  His hand slowly slid down the rise of my ass.  He was checking to see if I am wearing underwear.


His eyes raise to mine in a big grin.  I could see the pulse hammer in his throat as his excitement increased.  I watched thoughts and fantasies criss cross his mind as he mentally tried to work out where and when I would be fucked.

I knew where ever it was, it would be exciting.

He poured me another flute of champagne, and moved to finish getting himself dressed.  Cologne.  Touseled hair.  Black tux with a white shirt and red bowtie.

He slipped his wallet into his pocket while I slipped lipstick into my tiny red evening purse.  Andrew handed me my sunglasses and tucked his into his breast pocket.

We walked out the door and down the hall to the elevator to start our evening on a nearby rooftop patio.  Andrew and I squeezed into the elevator for the ride down, tourists and partygoers staring at us.  One women gushed and exclaimed over my dress.  I smiled and graciously thanked her before slipping on my mirror shades.  They were custom made and matched my dress.  Silver Ray-Ban frames with red mirrored lenses.  Andrew’s were pure silver.  He looked rockstar hot in those shades.

We cross the street on foot, cars honking and people stopping to stare.  Both of us wearing our sunglasses, as requested by the organizers of the gala.  They were supplied by the host to promote eye care in the health industry.  The organizers had arranged for professional photographers to snap group photos of the attendees … a sea of swanky sunglasses.

When the elevator doors opened to drop us on the rooftop, I gasped.  The sight was breathtaking!  The party crowd was absolutely beautiful.  Stunning gowns with cleverly matched sunglasses.  Debonair gentlemen in tuxedos and swaggar.

One couple stood out in their matching whites.  She wore a silk floorlength gown in white, the halter top and skirt were embroidered with tiny white and gold beads.  Her Ray-Bans were gold and looked stunning on her honey brown skin.  He wore a white tuxedo, a top hat and gold glasses to match hers.  We made our way over to them so Andrew could introduce me to Richard* and Fiona*.

We grabbed flutes of champagne off passing trays and toasted the sky “To a beautiful evening!”  The four of us moved to white cushioned seats surrounding the outer wall of the patio.

What an absolutely stunning view of the city.  The sun was setting to the west of downtown, painting the sky in glorious reds, purples and golds.  To the east, the indigo night sky with twinkling stars was rising.

Tables were gorgeously decorated for the event, with the sponsor sparing no expense.  Graceful white cala lillies graced the table center in crystal decanters.  Beautiful china and silverware.  We were served oysters on the half shell, lobster and filet mignon.  There was a selection of risottos and grilled vegetables placed on a tray in the middle of our table.  We ate frisée salads and artisan breads.  A new bottle of wine arrived with each course.  

There were speeches and awards … photographers doing overtime to capture each moment.  The four of us smiled big smiles, still wearing our sunglasses.  Over our shoulders you could see the twinkling lights of the vibrant city below.

Dusk gave way to the night, and the music started.  We drank. We danced.  We schmoozed and laughed.  We were in dozens of Ray-Ban photos.  Trays of desserts arrived with cognac.

But I knew Andrew wanted something.  Somewhere.  Somehow.  With me.  Dare we sneak off to find seclusion and sex?

Of course we did.

We rode the elevator down to the street level and headed north.  It was almost midnight and we had slipped our sunglasses up over our heads.  We passed by a private building with a small but lush courtyard out front.  The landscaping was thick with exotic trees and flowers.  It was so private, you could barely make out the fountain and bench.

Andrew opened the gate and steered me in.  We sat on the bench to kindle our passion with a kiss.  I slid my hands into his crotch to find and rub his hardon.  He groaned, but couldn’t reach me due to the length and the snugness of the dress.

“Lisa.” He whispered hoarsely.  “Give me your hands.”

I held them to him and he pulled me up from the bench.  He walked me around to the back and bent my waist over slightly.  Andrew undid his pants to spring his cock free, then gathered my dress to push it up over my hips.

“Jesus.” He swore and said for the second time tonight.  “Just look at you.”

My shimmering red dress was hoisted up around my waist.  My legs slightly spread in a V and I teetered on my red high heels.  Andrew caressed my slit and my ass.  I could feel his cockhead nudging at me, huge and swollen, wanting in.  I braced myself to allow him to enter … I was so wet and welcoming.

Andrew fucked me over the bench, in a private courtyard, mere feet from the busy street.  People walked by, but couldn’t see us.  We dared to borrow this quaint retreat for a few moments.  If any of the residents came down to the pool, they could open the door to outside and surprise us.

The thrill got him going.  His hands wrapped around my thighs to hold me still.  I mewed like a feral kitten with each stroke.  His cock was impossibly hard and already primed for me. I rose up just enough in my heels to match his height and fit.  We locked together, trying to make the angle and motion work while the bench rocked in discordant bangs and jumps.

“God I love how tight you are.” He said.

His rhythm was incessant and insistent on making us come together.

He asked me to let go if the bench and grab my ankles. God he loved that.

He lifted his head, letting his thumb rub along my bottom.  “Are you going to come for me, Kitten?”

“Yes!” I screamed. “OhGod.OhGod.OhGOD!”

Perfectly timed lovers, we came all at once.  Our muffled screamed drowned out by honking horns and other night sounds of the city.

We stood still for seconds, heaving in the heat.  Andrew slipped out and I stood, letting my shimmering dress fall back down.  I could feel little rivers of cum race down my leg to my ankle.  I didn’t have any tissues in my evening purse.

I wiped the cum with my hands and rinsed them in the fountain.  Water drops mixed with the cum and raced in new rivers to my ankles.

Straightened and zipped, we exited our oasis and headed back to the party.  I slipped into the ladies room to clean up before smiling brightly and reentering the party.

“Hey Andrew!  Where were you?  Did you take your beautiful lady for a ride?” 

Andrew smiled, toasted his friend with a fresh glass of wine and said “We slipped out for some street air, Richard.”  Umhmmmm.  Richard smiled at both of us.

My legs were still sticky as I crossed them … remember, I didn’t have on any underwear. Cum was still leaking from inside.  I was still so erotically horny that I felt a jolt of pleasure as I crossed my legs, swinging one knee back and forth.  Andrew knew the sign and grinned.  He placed his big palm on my knee and squeezed.  He would find more time and a place to seduce me.

The party was in full swing but a group were planning to take limos to an afterhours party.

“Are you two in?” we were asked.  We looked at eachother, trying to decide.  Party longer with the crowd or return to our hotel for private games.

If Andrew hadn’t already come twice, I think he would have said no.  Instead we piled into our limos in our gala finery and walked into a warehouse rave …

Be beautiful,


*Name(s) changed to protect the guilty!

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© Lisa Jobson 2017



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