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Warning!  Adult sexual content.  You must be of legal age in your country to read this blog.

Part One:  Red Light

Part Two:  Purple Rave

“Baby, I can’t stay over tonight.”

“Kitten, you have clothes at my place.  You can go to work from there.”

When Andrew* is insistent … Andrew is insistent.  He likes getting his own way. While I might be submissive in the bedroom, I am anything but in the trenches of real life.  My alpha female challenged his alpha male.

He wouldn’t have it any other way.

But he won.  I gave in.  I followed him home from the Four Seasons Toronto, still hung over from our black tie gala which ended up at a warehouse rave party.  Thank God I had sexy red lens Ray-Bans to turn off the glaring Sunday sun.  My BMW – affectionately called my LBD … little black dress – roared past him on the 427 and beat him home.

Point one for the Alpha Woman who likes to drive fast.

When he pulled into the driveway, I was sitting there quietly waiting with my legs crossed and feet out the window of my car.  He tickled my foot as he walked by to punch in the code for the front door.

I followed him in with my bags.  My red sequined ball gown is stained with Champagne and cum and needed to be drycleaned.

I walked up the stairs to his bedroom and fell on the bed for a much needed nap.  Andrew left me to sleep for hours while he took care of Sunday chores and dinner.  I awoke to the smell of BBQ.

Andrew sat down beside me on the bed and asked “You alive, Kitten?  Hop in the shower and I will feed you.”

I obeyed.  Refreshed.  Smelling clean.  Light makeup and messy hair.  I decided to put on a short but clingy halter black top and jean short shorts.  He loved my biceps in that little number.

I padded downstairs in bare feet and joined him in the kitchen.

“Hair of the dog, Kitty?” He asked, as he handed me a stemless glass of red wine.

I grimaced but took the glass.

We finished BBQing our dinner of strip loins, grilled potatoes and vegetable shish kebabs.  Andrew took everything inside and we ate at the solid wood dining room table.  Feeling better, I chatted with him about the night before.  What a wild evening.  I vaguely remember taking over the dance floor and seducing some young guy.

I scrolled through the photos on my phone.  They are classic.  Ray-Bans and Raves.  Some are so wantonly wild, they go in the vault.  My ball gown of shimmering red sequins was hiked almost as far as my bare bum in one shot.  You can just make out the curve of a cheek.  My upper cheeks redden, remembering that I was pantiless.

“You were in top form last night.” Andrew said with a smile.

We retired to his living room to relax.  He turned on some slow, sulty music and sat back on the leather couch.  Against the other wall, he has his favourite leather reading chair.  The room is very mascline.  Slate gray walls with warm brown leather furniture.  A big ass TV.  Dark wood floors and furniture.  A plush gray shag on the floor.

I’m feeling like my old self.  And my man wants a lap dance.

I went upstairs to dress for the part.  I pulled my top and shorts off and put on some black fishnet stockings with a fishnet body suit.  Bands of solid black cross my chest and crotch.  My favourite 5-inch black patent stiletto heels come out of his closet.  I lined my lips with red lipstick and a grabbed a red scarf.  Back down in the living room, I turned the standing lamp on in the corner on the dimmest setting.

As the slow beat of a new song started, I twisted my back over the leather chair, raising my legs in the air.  My body is fluid following the tempo.  The chair is a part of my dance.  I slid my legs down and pour off the chair, almost doing a back flip to get off.

I stood in front of him.  High heeled legs spread as I sway my hips seductively from side to side.  My shoulders follow the movement and my head rolls back.  I bend over completely to one side and my arm gracefully followed.  Then I change tides and flow back.  I watch him, smiling, through each seductive movement.

I pulled the scarf in front of my face, like a veil … hiding my smile and speaking only with my eyes.  Andrew is sitting, mesmerized, as I dance only for him for the first time.

I fall back on the chair and lift my legs to cross them, my heels in the air.  I uncrossed them and spread in a V … Tempting him to come in.  I do artful things with my legs and body, matching the music’s beat.

I got up, twirled around to the side of the chair, and lower my upper body down.  My hands sensually touch the chair, rubbing up and down the arm as it it were my lover.  I peek over to the side to look through my curls at Andrew.  I raised myself back up, lifted one leg on the chair.  I wink as I gracefully twist and slide into (almost) splits on the chair.

He groaned.  And crooked his finger to beckon me over.

I stand in front of him, hands on my hips.  My hand slid to my front and undulate right in front of his face.  I turned around to shimmy my ass in his nose, then bent forward and look behind right at him.

I turned around and climbed onto my lover’s lap.  I dance … undulate and coil around him.  My heat grazing his.  My tongue licking his face.  But I won’t let him touch me and move his hands away as they try to claim me.

Andrew can’t stand it any more.  He stood up and picked me up in the process.  My legs wrapped around his waist.  He turned around and sat down in the chair.

I got up and slowly … seductively … strip.  The new song that came on was faster and harder.  My hips shimmy and sway as I lower my body suit.  I stood.  Topless.  Just fishnet stockings and heels and wait while Andrew undressed.

I climbed back onto his lap.  I’m in control tonight and ride him.  He is mine to take.  His hands grabbed my ass as I dance an ancient dance on his lap.  My well hung stag is loving the sensual art of my dance and that it is just for him.  His hands force my body up and down on his as he guided my hips.

My body is tired but he gave me the most exquisite orgasm.  He’s pushing my hips back as ride, forcing contact with his hardened cock along my clit.  I quivered as I came and that’s all he needed to follow.

We don’t move for minutes.  The weekend of high society seduction caught up to us.  Exhausted, we don’t even make it upstairs but curl up on the couch to sleep.

Lights out.

I awoke alone early the next morning.  Andrew has thrown a blanket over my bare backside.  I heard the shower and go upstairs to join him.  After, I threw on some makeup and a simple dress and run downstairs to start coffee.

If there is one thing that turns me on … it’s a well dressed man in a suit.  When Andrew came down those stairs, I completely forget about getting into the office for nine AM.

He is gorgeous in his suit.  Cool gray eyes and silver gray hair.  Crisp shirt and tie.  Finely made suit pressed to perfection.  His socks and shoes are already on.

But it’s my turn to insist.

I poured him some coffee, lead him by his tie to the chair … and start all over again … We spill more cum on my dress and his suit.  This weekend’s drycleaning bill cost almost as much as the Champagne!

Dance while someone is watching,


*Name(s) changed to protect the guilty!

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© Lisa Jobson 2017



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