Tongue Action

 Warning!  Adult sexual content.  You must be of legal age in your country to read this blog.

Part One:  Tongue Tied

Part Two:  Tongue Pierced

Andrew* marked the days off on the calendar with a red X … one week … two weeks … three weeks!  My tongue should be sufficiently healed from my Tongue Piercing to give him some tongue action.

When I first met Andrew, he told me he couldn’t come orally.  I accepted the challenge and made him.

In return, he taught me how to deep throat his cock.  All of him.

We watched deep throat movies and I owned it like a porn star.

The night arrived.  We planned a sultry dinner at his place.  Andrew laughed and said I was going to eat big beef twice.  Yum.

Filet Mignon with a Mushroom Sauce.  Parisienne Potatoes.  Frenched Green Beans.   Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Maraschino Cherries for dessert.   And cock.  Lots of cock.  I picked up a spray can of whipped cream.

I decided to wear the school girl outfit he bought me the day I got my tongue pierced and drove to his place in that …  my hair in pony tails.  The sun was still high in the sky when I arrived, so I pinged him from my phone and asked him to open the garage so I could sneak in that way.  We did that often!  I am sure in another lifetime, Andrew and I were secret lovers.  You know how you know certain people have rolled through the millenia with you?  He and I have been together in some fashion since time began.  How else could we have perfected our sex?  My soul likes his soul and vice versa.  Outlander be damned.  We’ve got this.

I saunter in with a backpack over my shoulder and chewing bubble gum.  I blow a big bubble and pop it in his face.  He makes me stick out my pierced tongue and give him the gum.

We kiss.  For the first time in three weeks.  He samples the titanum bar.


Our tongues meet and greet.  He wants to taste the new hardware and I flatten my tongue to allow him all the way in.  Our tongues are lovers in their own right … they swirl and tease and play.  Andrew held me closer and my hand came up to grab his head.  I don’t want to let go.

He leaned into my forehead, then kissed it.

“Let’s eat.” he said.  That is his way of saying “Hurry up!”

Did I mention that neither of us have patience?  We’ve waited three weeks.  Three whole fucking weeks.  No fucking.  No physical contact.  And I had ordered him to not play with himself.

Dinner can wait.

He carried me upstairs and dropped me on his king sized bed.  I watched as he opened his belt … unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.  Shirt off.  Underwear down.

Long, hard cock.

I roll off the bed like a cheerleader and strip off my white undies.  I’m sitting.  He is standing.  My newly pierced tongue reached out and tasted him.  He moaned.

I lick him from his balls to the tip with my titanium tipped tongue.

“Oh my God …” he groaned.

Andrew pushed me back on the bed and entered me.  We both need a hot, quick fuck.  It doesn’t take either of us long to come, both screaming in pleasure and pain.  I need him so much that I hurt.  My orgasm felt tight and painful from need.

He stood up and I lick him again, tasting myself on him.  Salty and sweet mixed with his creamy cum.  I swallow all of him and run the metal ball along the front of his shaft.  He is sensitive since he just came and withdrew.

“You are fucking amazing.” he said.

I know.  Who else would pierce their tongue for you?

He slipped on some grey plaid jammie bottoms and we headed downstairs to make dinner.

We ate … laughing and talking about our week.  Our lack of orgasms.  My tongue.  I am still getting used to having hardware in my mouth while I do the normal things that mouths do.  Eat.  Talk.  Suck.  That’s my version of Eat.  Pray.  Love.

We retire to the living room and Andrew puts on a selection of Jazz.  I laid my head on his lap and he plays with my hair.   MMMmmmmmmmmm.  The fastest way to my heart?  Play with my hair (when I have it) or tickle my back.  He strokes my back through the white polyester wraparound shirt, then slipped his hand inside.

We drift off for a few minutes.  Both of us are content and all is well with our world.  Andrew flicked on the big ass TV and we watched the Formula One race over in Europe.  Racing doesn’t thrill me but Andrew does.  And he loves to watch golf, racing and sex.

Bored, I got up and sift through his freezer.  I’m not hungry enough for ice cream but I want something.  A popsicle.  Hope the kids don’t mind if I steal a Rocket.  I ripped off the plastic and pop that rocket in my mouth.  As I slid onto the sofa beside Andrew, I deep throat the whole thing …

“You are bad.” he said with a wicked smile.

I know.

I suck and lick my popsicle, enjoying every last drop of the red, white, and blue Rocket.  It’s only six inches so I swallow it whole with ease. I drip blue onto my white schoolgirl shirt.  Damn.  It has to come off while I rinse out the blue colouring.

All I have left on is my red plaid schoolgirl skirt.  So that has to come off as well.  I’m naked as I slide back onto the leather sofa next to Andrew.

He’s watching the 10th lap.  I’m trying to slide onto his lap.

Don’t ignore me.  Not even for a second.  I’m a handful – and then some – to handle.  If you want a sex kitten, you have to put up with the claws and the crying.  High maintenance.  Otherwise I don’t stick around.

There are only two laps left in the race.

I slid to my knees on the floor in front of him.  I pulled down the jammies and free his cock.  He pulled the pants right off then grabbed his cock.  He squeezed out some pre-cum and I lick it.

His eyes closed.

My mouth closed over his head and sucked.  My lips want a taste and pulled back to just suck the tip, draining him of pre-cum.  His hand goes into my hair.  I slid my mouth back down the length of his shaft, with my new titanium ball pressing in.  It teased and tickled the lip of his head.

My mouth pleasured him up and down.  My hands grasp the base of his cock and squeeze.  Gently.  Together they work to make this the blow job of a lifetime.

“You have no idea how good that feels.” Andrew tells me.

I know.

I rose up on my knees so I can impale my throat on his huge dick.  I flatten my tongue and let all of his inches slid past my piercing.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.  Twist with the hands.

I grabbed his balls and massage them, then reach under and stuck the tip of my finger in his ass.  One hand on his balls.  One finger in his bum.  My mouth making magic on his cock.

I increased my tempo and speed up.  My mouth is swallowing him whole.

“Good girl.” he tells me.

I apply pressure with my pierced tongue and slid my hand up over the tip of his cock, lubricating my fingers with his pre-cum.

He’s almost there.  Eyes closed.  Talking dirty to me while he fucked my mouth.

I take all of him in.  All the way down my throat.  And I feel him come.

His muscles tense up and and he stopped.  Huge spurts of orgasm going all the way down my throat.  I lighten the pressure but keep going.

“Holy fuck.” he finally said.  “That was the Blow Job of a Lifetime.  That was fucking fantastic!”

I know.

I’ve been doing this since high school.

Blow them away,


*Name(s) changed to protect the guilty!

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© Lisa Jobson 2017



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