The Mansion of Lust Part II

Warning!  Adult sexual content.  You know the drill … you must be of legal age to read this blog.

The Mansion of Lust Part I

I was falling asleep while chained to the wall.  Naked.  My head drifted and dropped to the side, then snapped up as I jolted myself awake.  My arms were suspended above my head, captured in cuffs on the Mansion’s stone wall.  My ankles were bound as well.

Where the fuck was Andrew*?  Did I want to know?  I had no way of telling how much time had passed … thanks to those three glasses of wine.

Another twenty minutes passed … then I heard the key in the old lock.  The heavy steel door to our room opened.

My eyes widened in shock.  Andrew wasn’t alone.

I almost blurted out my safe word … but held back.  Once uttered, our weekend would be over.  Those were the rules.  But Andrew knew of my boundaries.  I wouldn’t participate in a threesome.  I kept quiet and eyed them warily.

He had brought the svelte blonde and her handsome Indian boyfriend back to our dungeon retreat.

“Andrew!” I hissed as he stepped closer.  He raised one finger over my lips to shush me.  Anger made the kitty claws come out … and I completely forgot to be shy about my nakedness in front of three other people.  His eyes pleaded.  My eyes blazed in anger.  I shook my head.  No.

“Will you watch?” he asked?  OH HELL NO.  My self esteem was just fine, thank you very much … and I was in as great shape as the taller blonde.  In fact, my breasts were bigger and perkier, my legs much more muscular – thanks to the stair master – and my butt was much rounder.  Not that I was comparing …

Andrew knew I had no curiosity when it came to females.  No girl crushes.  Well … maybe one.  But all I wanted was dick.  Big dick.

“What if I don’t touch her?” he asked.  Like a kid trying to find another avenue into agreeement.  He would wear me down.  Asking in every way imaginable.  My eyes flicked over to her companion.  If I am truthful and honest … he intrigued me.  Dark hair.  Dark eyes.  Dark skin.  Muscular and tall.  Much more muscular than Andrew, but without his refinement.  He was watching me with candid interest, barely paying his blonde bombshell any attention.


“Untie me.” I pleaded with Andrew.  And he did.  My arms and legs were numb.  Andrew handed me a plush cotton robe and a glass of wine.

The blonde sat on the bed.  My bed.  And I looked at Andrew, one eyebrow askew.  I wasn’t playing the submissive very well.  In fact … I was feeling downright Dominant and possessive.  Kitty became Cheetah.

The four of us chatted like we met in the grocery store.  Lisa meet Sandy* and Jai*.  We drank more wine, ordered a platter of appetizers to munch on as we laughed and talked.  The two men locked eyes … as if it was their plan to calm and settle their wild mares.

Andrew rubbed my legs.  My eyes closed, loving his touch.  He got up and went around behind me to massage my neck and back.  Mmmmmmm.  My head swayed a little from the wine and the vigourous rubbing I was receiving.  My body instantly responded.  His hands reached down to grab and play with my nipples.  They responded with pleasure.  One hand dipped lower between my legs,  parting them.


My eyes popped open.  I knew my lovers’s touch.  And that wasn’t him.  Andrew was watching from across the room.  My eyes challenged him as I parted my legs farther for Jai.  Both men moaned as my soon-to-be lover sank two fingers inside me.

“So wet.” Jai moaned.  “You are beautiful and intoxicating.”

While Andrew sat on the chair, Jai led me over to the bed and laid me down beside the sleeping blonde.  With one last look at Andrew, I waited.  He nodded his approval.  Jai climbed on top, spoke softly in his native tongue and entered me with a hard thrust.  Sandy awoke and our heads turned towards one another.  My knees came up as I adjusted to him, my heart pounding in my chest.  I didn’t want this … but I did.  Like fluid kama sutra, we made love while two others watched.  I closed my eyes and gave into the moment.  Jai’s hands were rougher than Andrew’s. He squeezed my breasts while he fucked me.  I turned my head away as he leaned in to kiss me.  Andrew watched, fully erect, while I was fucked.

He knew how good I was.  Jai held my hands above me.  I wrapped my legs around him.  I was fascinated by the difference in our skin.  Mine creamy white.  His beautifully brown.  Clear delination where his body ended and mine started.  It was taboo.  And I loved it.  I stretched out beneath him.  He held me down with one hand on my hip.  The newness of our bodies coming together was mindblowing.  But I didn’t come.  I couldn’t.  Jai moaned and shouted as he came, and I pushed him off, most of his cum spilling onto our bed.  I rolled out from under him and padded into the bathroom to shower.

Andrew came in behind me, asking me if I was ok.  Yes, I nodded.  But I wasn’t ready for this.  He could have the blonde, but I wasn’t going to watch.  I was going to stay in the extra large shower under the hot spray of water.

He left to enjoy the spoils of his hunt.

I leaned back against the wall and sank down to the floor.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I was just examining what happened.  Jai had really turned me on … then off.  I loved Andrew.  But wasn’t in love with him.

I stopped thinking about it.

Almost thirty minutes later, Andrew came in and got into the shower with me.  We scrubbed eachother’s body.  His arms folded around me and he kissed my forehead.

“Did you enjoy it?” he asked.

“No.” I replied.  “Did you?”

“Not as much as I thought I would.” he said.  “There is something to be said about finding and keeping the best lover.”

I nodded.  But I didn’t tell him that Jai stayed in my fantasies for years.  Some nights I would summon the memory of my dark lover, willing his face to appear above mine.  It was rough, raw and pure sex.  Perhaps Andrew kept Sandy in his.  I never asked.  The forbidden fruit always tastes sweeter …

Sinfully theirs,


*Name(s) changed to protect the guilty!

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